La Fille de la Lune

La Fille de la Lune is Cybèle Castoriadis' new personal project.Composed of original new songs, it stems from her Greek origins and all those littles things that move her so : a street by night in Athens, the moon rising over a mountain in the Cyclades, the vast blue... For this new project she called on her long-standing accomplices, the pianist Stéphane Tsapis, and the guitarist Orestis Kalampalikis, as well as the drummer Arnaud Biscay. She entrusted the artistic direction of the project to Thomas Benoît. Release due in 2022.

Cybèle Castoriadis : voice, compositions

Stéphane Tsapis : piano, compositions, arrangements

Orestis Kalampalikis : guitar, mandolino, compositions

Arnaud Biscay : drums, voice

Thomas Benoît : artistic direction

Le Tsapis volant

Let's fly away on Stéphane Tsapis' magic carpet and discover a whole new musical world !

With Stéphane Tsapis, piano, compositions

Marc Buronfosse, bass

Arnaud Biscay, drums

Neset Kutas, percussions

Maki Nakano, voice, clarinet

Las Anez, Lynn Adib, Cybèle Castoriadis, Gülay Hacer Toruk

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Songs for a Blue Cloud

Orestis and Cybele met over a blues number by the Mississipi singer JB Lenoir, an auspiciously funky event for two Greeks living in Paris! That encounter brought about the work entitled Songs for a Blue Cloud, a programme of lyrical, dark and romantic songs performed in five languages. Cybele Castoriadis and Orestis Kalampalikis both stem with flawless references from different backgrounds which include theatre, singing, jazz and contemporary music (among which the CSNM and Cirque du Soleil). Together, they cover a repertoire highlighting their love of music and language.  They perform their own original arrangements with a fresh approach to the core spirit of the songs, mixing Serge Gainsbourg with traditional Greek songs and others from1930s Germany and 1960s Mexico . Their creation is to their image, lyrical, unusual and intimate, a multi-lingual blend of classic numbers and forgotten little gems.

Let yourself be swayed by the bewitching tone of her simultaneouly jazzy and lyrical voice as it weaves itself within the virtuoso strains of Orestis Kalampalikis on guitar. 


Voice : Cybele Castoriadis

Guitar : Orestis Kalampalikis


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Oh My Glotte ! 

The year is 1965, a few hours before a benefit gala...


"I'm sorry, there are fifty sopranos lodged within this chest but today, not one of them is willing to show up."

The diva going by the name Cariatidis and the Broadway star, Miss Doolittle, have experienced a mysterious switching of voices. Despite being endowded with contrasting temperaments and musical styles, neither stricken singer wishes to cancel her gala performance. They decide to teach each other their respective technique. The Broadway star learns to roll her 'R's under the stern guidance of the exacting diva.  The great Cariatidis finds herself having to tap dance and worse, swing her hips.

Their accompanist, a composer of both jazz and classical music, relishes the opportunity.  The unexpected trio thus gives rise to a Hausfrau Queen of Night, an indecorous, tango-dancing Traviata and other such deconstructed hybrids of their making. Will the world of opera and musicals find a way to clash in tune?  


Voice:  Audrey Bentley and Cybèle Castoriadis

Piano: Fabien Cailleteau alternating with Antoine Karacostas  

Director: Cecile Mikroutsikou

Artistic participation: Daniel Rouland

Trio Antoine Karacostas, feat. Cybèle Castoriadis

This trio performs original compositions by Antoine Karacostas as well as arrangements of Greek traditional and contemporary music.

It leaves the lion's share to improvisation based on the solid bond between band members.

We are honoured to feature guest performances by Cybele Castoriadis at some of our concerts.

With Antoine Karacostas on piano,

Anders Ulrich on bass and Simon Bernier on drums.


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